[Code Talk] Critical Hits

I haven't talked about Witness To Unity in a long while, or posted on here. Maybe I should do that.

This is going to be a short one though, since I don't really remember the process behind developing this code. I just want to comment on it because I quite like this concept.

Sunday, 6 July 02014. , .


The silent voice within one's heart whispers the most profound wisdom.

Wednesday, 18 June 02014. , , .

What is a Cat, My Head's Full of Air

Another character design for the previous post's idea. I'm not really sure about it though, so it might see an update along the line.

Wednesday, 21 May 02014. , , , .

The Universe is Confusing, My Head's Full of Air

I want to tell a story with inflatables in a magical medieval living-off-the-land fantasy setting, a setting where inflatables kinda ought to not be.

Tuesday, 20 May 02014. , , , .

Code The World

I was stuck for ideas, bweh.

Monday, 5 May 02014. , .

Outside Draw Area

read superego if you're not already it's by my good friend jovian

Wednesday, 30 April 02014. , , .


"I think some people are just in need of guidance and direction. It's not that they're choosing to ignore what's going on, it's that they really have no idea where to look. I wish I could point everyone in the right direction like a shining Star... but I don't think I have any sort of leadership qualities. All I'm capable of is telling close friends what I believe, and then I'll disappear like everyone else..."

Monday, 28 April 02014. , , .

Tyr Design

A design sketch of an important NPC for Witness to Unity... with gratuitous extra effects.

Wednesday, 26 March 02014. , , , .

Personal Universe

Saturday, 15 March 02014. , .

Observable Universe

I originally started this as a sketch traditionally, however I wasn't sure I'd be able to achieve the effects I wanted without going digitally, so I did so.

I was trying to get foreshortening down again here, however I don't feel there was much achieved on that front. I'm not at a terribly strong angle to show it that much. I also tried to follow my recent reference to be more consistent with my appearance.

Sunday, 23 February 02014. , .