Attitudes and Internet Vitriol

It makes me sad to see when the internet decides to gang up on someone after they slip up or do some perceived wrong, and so they amass all their friends to bully the shit out of them. We're all nerds aren't we? I thought we escaped to the internet to avoid being judged for everything we do. :P

Now the thing that prompted this post — I admit to barely knowing them and I don't know the other people involved at all. Reading up about it, I'm not going to justify the things they did, but I don't think they deserve to be ganged up upon, this isn't how you fix things. When I screwed up, a friend confronted me personally and explained how I was screwing up and what I should be doing. I'm trying not to let things get to me and make sure I improve myself. My friend didn't publicly out me for something that went wrong.

I'm scared that I'll become the target for someone's personal army. Instead of trying to sort it out personally, people would rather make someone's reputation go down the loo. This is not about popularity, but this activity on social media does create association. The internet has a problem with handing issues and abuse. I'm more afraid of people responding with vitriol than being told I'm wrong. If I mess up, maybe there's a reason! Maybe you're wrong and my experience takes precedence over what you think! But it feels like that doesn't matter at all.

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Another Seal

what have i done

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Shin Donkey Tensei

Vile Pompy!
What will you do?
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Criticism of Hash/tags

So I've come to this sudden thought. It's probably obvious, but it's not just Tumblr that creates strife through a misdesigned system. I'm specifically nodding towards Twitter's current "gamer" bickering, but I'm sure this is more general.

Specifically, it seems that things along the lines of tags exist in the minds of users to "belong" to something. People interact because they want to find relevance with other people. Tags aren't designed like that in the minds of the system designers though - they're marketing and branding tools. They're not fit for helping connect people because they don't work the same way people would interact in person.

Initially I thought, Is there something wrong with the internet? Do we need to educate people about using the internet, because humans can't cope with behaving nicely with those they can't see? That's silly, we don't educate people about manners in writing letters or talking on the phone - it's much more general manners that are taught.

The issue isn't that people are using the internet wrong, but that they're encouraged to do things they otherwise wouldn't. It's grown into this ego-stroking machine that is counter to the way interaction has evolved in society. Metadata and numbers and all manner of things are ambiguous indicators of some sort of "difference" you're making in the world. In reality, it means nothing. The only thing that should matter is the intention and interaction between people, but it gets lost in the noise.

This isn't invalidating some of the problems I'm seeing with gaming, it's more about this "activism" that's turning up in response to criticism. The activism isn't necessary. The way the internet is now, it's subtly pushing them to create their own counter-brand instead of considering why they received such criticism...

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Two Halves' wibbly wobbly history

Long ago, about 02005-07, I produced an RPG known as Two Halves. To this date, it is my only game other people have played. It was released in irregular betas to a community I was a part of.

The story is pretty terrible. The self-insert main character was teleport-kidnapped by a space-army fixated on reviving their demi-god warrior to fight a "demon" alien. The main character was a reincarnation of half of the dead demi-god. Also an internet forum was a real world location.

It's all kind of a mess because I would alter or make additions to the story over time as I was inspired to. It's really obvious when I look at it.

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[Code Talk] Critical Hits

I haven't talked about Witness To Unity in a long while, or posted on here. Maybe I should do that.

This is going to be a short one though, since I don't really remember the process behind developing this code. I just want to comment on it because I quite like this concept.

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The silent voice within one's heart whispers the most profound wisdom.

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What is a Cat, My Head's Full of Air

Another character design for the previous post's idea. I'm not really sure about it though, so it might see an update along the line.

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The Universe is Confusing, My Head's Full of Air

I want to tell a story with inflatables in a magical medieval living-off-the-land fantasy setting, a setting where inflatables kinda ought to not be.

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Code The World

I was stuck for ideas, bweh.

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