Tyr Design

A design sketch of an important NPC for Witness to Unity... with gratuitous extra effects.

Wednesday, 26 March 02014. , , , .

Personal Universe

Saturday, 15 March 02014. , .

Observable Universe

I originally started this as a sketch traditionally, however I wasn't sure I'd be able to achieve the effects I wanted without going digitally, so I did so.

I was trying to get foreshortening down again here, however I don't feel there was much achieved on that front. I'm not at a terribly strong angle to show it that much. I also tried to follow my recent reference to be more consistent with my appearance.

Sunday, 23 February 02014. , .

Pachirisu Warrior

I'm not not sure what brought this about. I was asked to/wanted to draw a Pachirisu, and for whatever reason this character came to mind. I spent a lot of time trying to get the pose and the size of the head right in the sketch that for a while my motivation went down. I seem to change the proportions of things all the time, because it's still not the official appearance, but maybe I shouldn't worry about that.

Thursday, 20 February 02014. , , .

The History of Nothing But Interconnections

Nothing But Interconnections is an old concept of mine. It was born from the proposition of a Shin Megami Tensei game set in New Zealand. For those unfamiliar, the SMT games are RPGs produced by Atlus known for being incredibly challenging and usually revolve around recruiting creatures and deities of various myths to fight for you.

The latter point is in part more the idea "SMT In NZ" was initially brainstormed around. I wanted to make a dark, gritty, urban fantasy RPG where the enemies you fought were based around New Zealand's myths. Of course I'm white as heck and don't really know anything about Maori mythology.

Wednesday, 19 February 02014. , , , .

Coding the save screen somehow wasn't frustrating?

Here I have a collection of save screen screenshots, showing progression of my code and how it makes old saves more and more incompatible. ... well, maybe not quite like that. I was working on what stuff is saved, so of course in this case things got a little weird looking.

Wednesday, 29 January 02014. , .

Colourful State

I wanted to do draw something like the Void Lugia again with myself, once again inspired by the same person as before. Although I'm not sure I really relate to the themes such a form seems to give off, it's pretty~.

... I'm not really sure the title relates the the picture's end result either, while I'm on the subject of relation.

Tuesday, 7 January 02014. , .

[Code Talk] Welcome to the wonderful world of RGSS3: Adventures With A Mini-Map Script

I recently finished a collection of world maps/designs to a point. These maps would appear on a location screen which I have yet to code, but they also served to get an idea of the layout of those worlds and plan things around them.

These are things that I should probably have done earlier, but I am focusing more on the experience or gameplay at the moment more than the story. That's a good thing, isn't it?

Saturday, 4 January 02014. , .

Backwards Cartridge

This took so looooooong... I don't really know why. It could've been because of the lack of consistent references, or maybe it's just been a tiring day...

Thursday, 12 December 02013. , , .

One Kilogram

I'm not sure what happened here. I wanted to draw squeaky-me and then I messed around with a background and colours and... yeah.

Wednesday, 11 December 02013. , , .